If you love outdoor entertaining, then an outdoor bar from JR Masonry will allow you to do so in style. Your family and guests can relax in the beautiful outdoors, while still enjoying the amenities of a full bar right in your own backyard. At JR Masonry, we excel at the ancient craft of masonry; you’ll be stunned at the style and function that an outdoor bar patio will bring to your outdoor space. Call (317) 514-2845 to contact us today about constructing an outdoor bar.

Building Process

Building an outdoor bar is almost the same process as building an outdoor kitchen. We build the structure of the bar from concrete blocks and then cover it in a veneer of man-made stone, natural stone or brick. For the bar countertop, you can choose from among limestone, granite or concrete materials.

If we’re laying a new patio for you as a perfect complement to the outdoor bar, your choices include brick pavers (set in a concrete base and then mortared into place), concrete, stamped concrete or flagstone. Stamped concrete lets you be as creative as you’d like, because we can add patterns and color to the concrete to create a truly one-of-a-kind brick or stone patio floor for your outdoor bar. We serve central Indiana and commonly build outdoor bars in Noblesville, Westfield, Carmel, Zionsville and the greater Indianapolis area.

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Outdoor Bar Designs & Layout

JR Masonry prides themselves on creating outdoor bars that are efficient and user-friendly in their laytout. Our build process often occurs in two tiers. The higher countertop provides seating for guests; the lower countertop for making beverages and snacks. Our outdoor bars come fully equipped with all the amenities that you’d find in an indoor kitchen:  electricity, a sink and refrigerator & more! Plug your blender in, and you’re ready to go.

For a true outdoor entertainment experience, JR Masonry can build you an outdoor seating area wired to accommodate a large flat-screen TV. Invite the guys over for the big game. They’ll have the best seat in the house, outside on your outdoor bar patio.

Lest you think you need to have a large outdoor area to build an outdoor bar, rest assured, JR Masonry can customize your bar to any size, big or little. We’ve built several customized 5-ft. long bars for our condo customers. While you may be tight on space, we won’t scrimp on style. You’ll have an outdoor bar just as functional and stylish as its larger counterparts. Contact us at (317) 514-2845 to find out how simple it is to have an outdoor bar.

Many of our customers at JR Masonry also integrate an outdoor bar into their pool houses. Imagine an outdoor pool pavilion next to your pool. Tucked into that is your outdoor bar, shower and bathroom with all the amenities you need right at hand.

You can trust JR Masonry for all your indoor and outdoor masonry needs. Our years of experience have made us skilled at masonry.  Contact us today to discuss your dreams for your outdoor space, and we’ll help bring those dreams to reality.

In addition to outdoor bars, we can handle all your outdoor stone and brick masonry work including an outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, a brick or stone patio, balusters, mailboxes and facades, and privacy fences and entry walls. We can also do indoor stone, tile and masonry work relating to kitchens and fireplaces. You can count on JR Masonry for old-time craftsmanship with modern-day style.