It’s hard to beat the ambiance of an outdoor fireplace. There’s just something peaceful about sitting under the stars toasting marshmallows on a summer or fall evening. At JR Masonry, we can build a fireplace for your brick or stone patio that integrates smoothly with the architecture of your home. It will look as if it’s always been there. Contact us today at (317) 514-2845 for information and to schedule an appointment.

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Fireplace Designs

When designing your stone fireplace, you have several options to choose from. We can either build the fireplace from a kit, or create a custom outdoor fireplace to your specifications. When building a custom fireplace, the process is similar to that of an outdoor kitchen and outdoor bar.

We’ll rough in the fireplace using concrete blocks and then wrap the exterior in a masonry material. You have numerous choices including cultured man-made stone, limestone, brick, stucco, other types of real stone or even a mixture of two materials. 

JR Masonry customers will also find that they can customize the size of their stone fireplace. We believe that our customers are the most important piece in determing whether or not our work is a success. That’s why, we work closely with you to determe what you end goal for your for your stone fireplace is. We are always coming up with creative and unique ways to meet our client’s needs and have become quite flexible.

For instance, you can choose to have it as wide and as tall as you want, depending upon what else you are integrating into it. Some customers want a large outdoor fireplace integrated into a stone wall so that they can create a living room area complete with an outdoor flatscreen TV. Some people want to build an outdoor pizza oven in addition to the fireplace. Discuss your fireplace ideas with us, and we’ll help bring them to reality. You can contact us at (317) 514-2845.

We can also customize the size of the fireplace opening, based on the size of the actual fireplace. Standard fireplace opening sizes are 24”, 36” or 48”, but we can also go bigger than this. Many of our customers get fireplace ideas off of a picture that they have found online, and we build the structure based on the picture. You also have the option to build wood box storage on either side of the fireplace.

A final option to consider when you build a fireplace is to decide whether you want a real wood, gas or electric fireplace. JR Masonry builds all of them; it just comes down to your personal preference.

Fire Pits

A cheaper but still striking alternative to an outdoor fireplace is an outdoor fire pit. Fire pits can be built to either protrude about 18” up out of the ground, or JR Masonry can build them to be flush to the ground. They are perfect for smaller areas or when you want a more casual atmosphere. We can build them in whatever shape or design you specify.

You can trust JR Masonry for all your indoor and outdoor masonry needs. Contact us today to discuss your dreams for your outdoor space, and we’ll help bring those dreams to reality. We work primarily in central Indiana, in areas that include Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Carmel, Indianapolis, and beyond.

Besides fireplaces, we can handle all your outside masonry work including an outdoor kitchen, balusters, a brick or stone patio, outdoor bar, or a brick mailbox or stone facade. A brick wall for an entry wall or privacy fence is also a popular option. We can also do indoor stone, tile and brick masonry work relating to kitchens and fireplaces. You can count on JR Masonry for old-time craftsmanship with modern-day style. Call us today at (317) 514-2845 for more details!