If you’ve always wanted a beautiful stone patio for your backyard, let JR Masonry design one that will set off your Indiana yard to perfection. Stone patios and brick patios are two of our specialties; we’ll help you create an extension of your indoor living space with one of our professional designs for an eye-catching stone patio in Indianapolis. You’ll be amazed at how an empty patch of grass can transform into an outdoor living space that you’ll use for years to come. Contact us today by calling (317) 514-2845 for more information.

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Stone & Brick Patio Designs

The first step in creating your patio is to decide upon the size and design of your Indianapolis area stone or brick patio. We’ll customize to whatever shape and size you desire. Whether you’re looking for a small, secluded brick patio, or you’ve planned for a large stone patio with balusters for entertaining and hosting family parties and business meetings, our masons will make your plans a reality. We primarily serve central Indiana areas that include Noblesville, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield and Indy.

As always, with JR Masonry you’ll have a choice of materials to use for your patio. Choose from brick, flagstone, limestone and other natural stones. We can also mix materials. For example, we’ll often design a stone patio and then use brick for a border and inset. You’ll also have a choice of designs with our stone patios and brick patios. An irregular design resembles a “broken glass” look, while mixing and matching square and rectangular stones creates a patterned design. Contact us at (317) 514-2845 to learn more.

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Constructing the Stone or Brick Patio

When building a brick patio, we’ll start by excavating the area, filling it with gravel, and then pouring the concrete. We’ll then cover it with the material of your choice, including brick pavers, flagstone, limestone or other natural stone.

From there, JR Masonry can add the extras that let you customize the patio to your exact specifications. For example, perhaps you want a two-tiered brick patio. We can build an upper stone patio complete with a see-through brick fireplace or fire pit if you so desire, and then add a lower-tiered patio for more formal entertaining. We also frequently build brick walkways from the stone patio to your house or driveway.

Another popular option is to incorporate a brick wall seat around the perimeter of a stone patio. This is perfect if you host large get-togethers where seating is an issue.


If you have a raised porch that needs rails or handrails, JR Masonry can build these balusters for you. A baluster is both a functional (safety feature) and an architectural element. A balustrade can be made from limestone, or we can use custom concrete cast in molds to look like limestone. Balustrades made from stone add a wonderful custom look to any home.

You can trust JR Masonry for all your outdoor masonry needs. Contact us today to discuss your dreams for your outdoor living space, and we’ll help bring those dreams to reality.

Besides patios and balusters, we can handle all your outdoor stone and masonry work including an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, outdoor bar, brick mailboxes and stone facades, and stone fence and entry walls. We can also do indoor stone and masonry work relating to kitchens and fireplaces. You can count on JR Masonry for old-time craftsmanship with modern-day style.